11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage

The superior seafood supplier in Thailand

The dual role of 11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage as both supplier/shipper of excellent seafood was born out of necessity because the expertise of Wongjorn’s production team provides a vital link between Thai customers and their consumers, which offers security and business opportunities for all.

To date, 11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage remains unique among its peers. This is best demonstrated by our supply management system.

11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage’s supply management

To ensure the best service for our clients we’ve developed an innovative

customer responsive supply chain.

Benefits to our customers:

Product Care Assurance

11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage offers on-going quality assurance in both service and care. Our care and service practices include national safety standards, tax invoice knowledge and a dedicated service and accounts department.

The protection offered by our in-house service and care team, combined with ample product liability insurance, allows both Wongjorn and our clientele to take responsibility for all goods serviced.

Cleanliness standards

We select our associates based on their ability to follow cleanliness standards since Thai facilities are regularly checked and their process documented by our regulatory team. Shipments are randomly checked and tested by reputable Thai laboratories for compliance with national food and health regulations.

Continuous monitoring

Our associates monitor both incoming and outgoing stock on a daily basis to gauge quality control.


Our computerized storage system ensures consistent and profitable service for our associates. Space saving, current methods and safety are just a few of the complex criteria used.

Production and Logistics

With 3 Air Blast freezers with potential outputs of -35˚C., which is equal to 10 tons of product stored for 8 hours. We have the cold storage capacity for

4,500 metric tons at a temperature of -25˚C.


11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage’s knowledge of seafood storage and preparation world wide creates a win-win situation with minimal waste of resources or time for our customers.

11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage’s cost-efficient facilities, staff and overall infrastructure adds value to the competitiveness of your products.


Profits for the future

This will continue a Jaratpinyowong tradition of providing superior quality seafood, seafood preparation, cold storage and unsurpassed customer service that has made the Jaratpinyowongs successful, respected and sought after by their peers and business associates throughout the past years and into the future.