About Us

Thailand�s government policy promoting itself as a major provider to the world�s food industry has provided11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage with a unique opportunity and they have taken advantage of Thailand�s quickly expanding market by building their own cold storage facility thereby providing cold storage space as part of their complete service package conveniently providing cold storage, transportation, shipping, processing, and packing thus eliminating outsourcing difficulties for their clients who were in need of cold storage space for the seafood product that 11 Wongjorn�s group partner No.11 Fisheries Partnership supplied.

11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage�s facilities are for both fresh and already frozen products. From receiving to delivery we service beginners, intermediate and professional seafood companies. Our business development team studies efficiency and introduces solutions to increase profits.

Today, 11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage supplies many major seafood export companies in Thailand nationally. Our customers ship product to most major retailers world wide.

11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage services these export companies thus helping provide a large percentage of retailers world wide through associated companies.

We support Exporters, Manufacturers and Distributors through innovative cost saving procedures, advanced technology, effective business solutions and expert customer service from experienced professionals.

Thanks to 11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage, anyone in Thailand can now find a supplier of superior quality seafood, seafood preparation, cold storage and unsurpassed customer service. This developing trend of seafood supply is world wide and that�s good business for all involved including you.