11 Wongjorn Trading and Cold Storage�s founders Mr. Kriengkrai Jaratpinyowong first came to Songkhla, Thailand around 1972 to establish a seafood export business trading with Malaysia. The company specialized in top quality shrimp, squid and fish.

The merger of two businesses and a marriage
Subsequently, Mr. Jaratpinyowong met his future wife Mrs. Somboon Jaratpinyowong who was also operating a fishing business in the city of Songkhla and the two joined forces to expand their endeavors in the seafood industry and formed No.11 Fisheries Partnership. The number 11 was the only fish staging area number available at the time and fortuitously enough it was Mr. Jaratpinyowong�s lucky number nonetheless.

A supplier is born
In the beginning the Jaratpinyowongs were able to do the bulk of their business exporting seafood to Malaysia but as the exporting trade with Malaysia took a turn for the worse in 1981 it behooved them to seek out export factories within Thailand that they could become the major supplier for. In this way they were able to invest and expand their business through the procurement of boats, processing facilities and other necessities so that they could increase their customer base and diversify by becoming a supplier for a major seafood canning company. However, the Jaratpinyowongs found themselves with an overabundance of goods and resolved this discrepancy by locating other major producers to buy their excess supplies. Now with many major companies supporting them the Jaratpinyowongs found them selves with the unique opportunity to build their own cold storage facility thereby providing cold storage space as part of their complete service package conveniently providing cold storage, transportation, shipping, processing, and packing thus eliminating outsourcing difficulties for their clients.

Mr. Sun and Mr. Sriwattanangkoon - valued shareholders
As of the 30th of October 2004 construction of the new cold storage building has been completed, thanks to valued shareholders in this endeavor Mr. Sun and Mr. Sriwattanangkoon. This will continue a Jaratpinyowong tradition of providing superior quality seafood, seafood preparation, cold storage and unsurpassed customer service that has made the Jaratpinyowongs successful, respected and sought after by their peers and business associates throughout the past years and into the future.